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EASY BLOOM PAD - see things differently



Bloom Pad is a patented, biodegradable paper pad containing flower bulbs that will change the way bulbs are planted. Bloom Pads were developed with a new generation of gardeners in mind. These new gardeners want planting to be fast and easy. Bloom Pads will reduce planting time to only 30 seconds per pad while eliminating all the guesswork. The bulbs are pre-spaced in the biodegradable package and do not need to be adjusted. Gardeners simply drop the pad in the hole and enjoy the rest of their day. Bloom Pads are also ideal for containers and are perfect for the so-called "Urban Gardeners".



Bloom Pads are only sold in collections and are available in ten different assortments. Select the assortments that are best suited for your region and customer base. All collections come in easy to stack cartons that are quick to set up into an attractive and great impulse purchase display. 




Bloom Pads suggested retail is 2 / $15. The ‘2 for’ or multiple pricing will help increase your total sales. Not only is this strategy great for sales events, but retailers have noticed consumers tend to purchase incrementally when the multiple pricing strategy is used.




All Bloom Pad collections are freight included. No hidden charges.